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What is FitMan?

FitMan is an automated member administration software which was developed for, and in close cooperation with the fitness industry.
Today the program has grown into a comprehensive member automation system which offers numerous other possibilities, so it's not only usable in fitness centres, but also for physiotherapists, wellness centres, swimming pools and private clubs.


FitMan Free

Do you have a good (fast & stable) internet connection?

Then we would suggest FitMan Free, our software solution without limitations.

  • All modules.
  • No licences, no limits.
  • No fixed term contracts, no notice periods.

You don't need to pay a monthly fee to use our member management software.
The only costs are the starter-packet, the membership cards, sms(text message)-credits (if used) and phone- or Internet support (if needed).

Chances are that you will actually make a profit by using FitMan Free.